Neelam Chandnani, Founder

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Neelam is a certified Yoga Therapist with advanced training in yoga and specialization in prevention and management of chronic health disorders through online yoga classes . Inspiring others to focus on wellness and commit to long-term health and fitness goals through online yoga classes she is an encouraging leader and a life-long learner.

She completed a two-year-long Teachers’ Training Course at Yoga Vidya Niketan, Vashi and has conducted classes with the Institute training the next batches of teachers. She has been influential in incorporating the essence of Yoga in young minds by training school students in Swami Vivekanand High School, Chembur.

She founded Yoga For Health and Happiness in 2011 in Navi Mumbai and has been conducting traditional and power yoga sessions on both personal and group level, corporate yoga workshops and training programs, therapeutic yoga sessions, pre-natal and post-natal yoga classes and yoga for expatriate employees.

Neelam is a firm believer of Yoga as a Therapy and has developed specially designed schedules and customized programs for individuals for curing chronic ailments, obesity and thyroid problems, gynecological problems, stress and anxiety and so on.


• Diploma in Yoga Therapy, Naturopathy & Natural Living
• Course in Dynamic Energizing Power (DEP) Yoga from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Kendra, Vashi
• Certified Yoga Therapist

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Online Yoga Classes

A gentle yoga class balances the body and mind to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We firmly believe in Yoga as a Fitness Routine and as a Therapy and have developed specially designed Yoga Programs to achieve different goals.


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Our Online Yoga classes help relax the tight muscles (tightening happens as a result of stress) via physical postures. Pranayama, meditation etc. enables one to calm, focus, balance and energize thereby increasing an individual’s productivity at work.

Prenatal yoga is a great low impact practice to improve strength, flexibility and endurance and your ability to cope with labour, thus helping to keep you fit during this beautiful phase of life.

Postnatal yoga restores hormonal balance and prevents postpartum “baby blues” depression after child birth.

Sets of yogic practices also help regain your core strength, figure and overall fitness.

Stretches in yoga helps improve metabolism, develop muscle tone and burns most calories to get into a toned figure and attain a healthy weight.

Yoga promotes muscle strength. It helps strengthen back and neck muscles to prevent and also cure disorders in those areas of the body thereby, keeping the spine healthy.

Symptoms of anxiety like sleeplessness, fear, anger, etc. are taken care of by doing yoga. Yoga enhances mood and reduces stress in the nervous system. Practices like asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra chanting relaxes nerves around the brain at the top of the head.

Incorporation of meditation helps an individual’s mental well-being, promotes emotional health, increases awareness of the body, mind and breath, relieves chronic stress, relaxes the mind and sharpens concentration.